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What is HPP?

High Pressure Processing (HPP) - 100% taste and 100% nutrients

As you can read on our bottles, we produce all our juices cold-pressed according to the so-called HPP process. However, few people know what is behind this process and what benefits it brings. In this edition of our blog, we want to explain and show you that you can do something good for your body with juices from LiveFresh and thus be on the fast track in terms of nutrients and minerals.


Pasteurization - poison for the nutrients & vitamins

Pasteurisation involves heating liquid foods such as juices to temperatures between 60°C and 100°C. The heat kills food spoilage bacteria such as lactic acid bacteria, yeasts or pathogenic bacteria. The heat kills food spoilage organisms such as lactic acid bacteria, yeasts or pathogenic bacteria and preserves the food. However, the fact that the pasteurisation process also kills a large proportion of the valuable nutrients contained in fruit and therefore also in juices is often kept secret. And it is precisely these nutrients that are essential for human health and well-being. Therefore, we have been looking for a process to extend the shelf life, in which the nutrients in juices remain completely present, but the food spoilers can be killed to the same extent as in pasteurisation. This is where we came across the HPP process.


From production to your fridge

After we have filled our freshly squeezed juices into the PET bottles, these are brought to a hydrostatic pressure of up to 6000 bar in filtered cold water in a horizontal plant. This pressure is transferred evenly and continuously to the complete bottles. This high pressure inactivates the biological functions of microorganisms without adding additives and without affecting the sensory properties of the food. As the liquid is already in its container, contamination can be excluded during the process. This process gives our products a longer shelf life and you can enjoy LiveFresh juices for up to 6 weeks after completing the HPP process.


Pasteurized juice vs. LiveFresh juice

Proponents and users of pasteurization claim that the nutritional value and taste are only insignificantly changed by heating. Here we would like to let the juices speak for us as a counter-argument. Almost every juice you can buy in the supermarket has been pasteurized so that it will last as long as possible, not only on the store shelf, but also in your own home. We are convinced that we can convince you...
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