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Classic Juice Cleanse - 7 days

526 Bewertungen
Classic Juice Cleanse  - 7 days

Classic Juice Cleanse - 7 days

526 Bewertungen
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Do you want to change your life?

Take a Juice Cleanse to start your fitter, healthier life! It's easy with our 7-dayJuice Cleanse for beginners, experts & advanced users, which gives your body a break.

Here's how Cleanse works:

7 days - 7 juices & 3 shots per day
✔ No solid food for 7 days
✔ Relief for your intestines & body

Content of the 7 days Cleanse


7x 250ml Hey Wach,
7x 250ml Red Grenade,
7x 250ml Green Love,
7x 250ml Red Rocket,
7x 250ml Green Feelings,
7x 250ml Keep Calm,
7x 250ml Gold Rush,


7x 60ml Shots Ginger Storm
7x 60ml Shots Turmeric Power
7x 60ml Shots Green Energy

- Juice Cleanse Guide for 7 days
- Personal contact person
- Recipe suggestions for preparation & follow-up

Here's how Cleanse is set up:

Shelf life: All juices can be stored for at least 4 weeks after arrival. So you can choose your start date freely!

8:00 am: Wake up & Boost

Hey Wach for the perfect start to the day. Wake up with vitamin C and guarana, the natural stimulant.

Ginger Boost as support. For all morning grouches, our Ginger Shot Ginger Storm is additionally the booster for energy in the morning.

Contains high levels of vitamin C and natural caffeine from the guarana fruit.

10:00am: Your Superfruit Brunch

Red grenade for in between.

Second breakfast with Superfood Red Pomegranate, our premium organic pomegranate juice. 100% natural pomegranate contains many antioxidants and tastes simply special, the natural sweetness helps you to more energy.

An energy supplier that packs a punch.

12:00 Green Lunch with Turmeric Boost

Green love as a healthy meal replacement at lunch.

Use the power of the local superfood kale in combination with spinach & cucumber. Your optimal lunch as a substitute for your lunch.

Turmeric Shot as a healthy desert.

Our Ginger Shot Turmeric Power will help you over the midday slump.

Contains vitamin A, vitamin K, vitamin C & manganese.

14:00 Red booster for the afternoon

The Red Rocket gives you energy for the afternoon!

Beetroot helps you through the day as a local superfood and gives you extra energy. The light, natural sweetness gives you an extra kick.

Contains vitamin C, vitamin A & potassium.

16:00 Green feelings in the after work mood

Awaken your green feelings within you.

No chance of an afternoon slump: our gentle green juice Green Feelings helps you get going with fruit-based kale and spinach.

Contains vitamin A & vitamin K.

18:00 Your golden evening drink

Gold Rausch, your multivitamin kick for the evening.

For the evening we have something very special: Our exotic multi-juice Goldrausch supplies you with vitamin C & vitamin A.

Green energy as a vegetable additive.

Our Shot Green Energy provides a balancing green vegetable & slightly sweet note for a healthy boost in the evening.

Contains vitamin C, vitamin A & potassium.

20:00 Your healthy slumber drink

Keep Calm for your nightly regeneration.

A smooth tropical juice to prepare you and your body for the next day. Alternatively or additionally, we also recommend
a vegetable or chicken broth to keep your electrolyte balance balanced.

Contains vitamin C & ashwagandha.

How does a classic Juice Cleanse work ?

A Juice Cleanse or Juice Cleanse is a short period of a few days where you give your body a break: Generally, you drink only juices, water and tea over a period of a few days to relieve your body. Solid food is avoided during this time.

All that a Juice Cleanse can do :
- Transitioning to a healthier lifestyle: preparing for a sustainable change in diet
- Eating more consciously: getting to know your own body better and eating more consciously
- A healthy digestion: the Juice Cleanse can promote a healthier intestinal flora by switching to a healthier diet.

Over 10,000 satisfied participants.

The classic Juice Cleanse impresses with many special features!

In addition to the comprehensive cure companion, the unbeatable price & the absolute freshness of the juices, our Cleanse also includes 3 fresh ginger shots per day, which provide you with additional natural energy during the time of the Cleanse . Conventional cures often have the problem that you feel limp and sluggish during the implementation.

The Juice Cleanse for 7 days.

Developed on a scientific basis.

Ulrike is a PhD expert and coach in holistic nutrition and health. She has now put her profound expert knowledge about food, nutrition and the holistic approach of a healthy lifestyle into the development of our Juice Cleanses and would like to make her contribution to accompany people on their way to a healthy diet.

You have questions about the cures? Here you can contact Ulrike.

We take you by the hand: The booklet

In addition to the juices, you will also receive a detailed booklet with 28 pages that will accompany you throughout the days. In it you will find answers to all your questions. The booklet accompanies you during your journey to a new beginning. More than 10 delicious recipe ideas prepare you for your Juice Cleanse and offer you a healthy finish afterwards.

Contents are:

- How do you prepare yourself?
- How do you behave during the Juice Cleanse?
- How do you change your diet to a healthy one?
- What healthy habits can you integrate?

Packaging made from 100% rPET

Made from 100% old PET bottles.

Our new rPET bottles have already had a long life. They are made from recycled PET bottles, which helps reduce waste production. You can take care of them in the yellow bag without worrying. They find their way back to us as a new bottle.

Our rPET bottles have a slightly greyish tint due to the different materials used, which are reused. Of course, this has no influence on the freshness & taste of our juices!

Experience on Juice Cleanse:

"I approached the Juice Cleanse with no expectations and learned a lot about myself and my body and also about my hunger pangs and controlling myself. I don't just eat away anymore."

"A Juice Cleanse is no walk in the park, of course, and I've often wanted to just quit. But the feeling after a Cleanse is just indescribable. I think everyone should experience it."

"The Juice Cleanse is a good place to start to manage a permanent change in diet and to learn about your hunger pangs. You learn the distinction between hunger and desire."

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Irene P.
Switzerland Switzerland

Sehr gut. Hatte echt keinen Hungergefühl und sie haben mir sehr geschmeckt. Werde ich bestimmt wieder einmal machen.

Ann-Cathrin G.
Germany Germany
Positiv überrascht

Die ersten vier Tage musste ich mich an den Zuckerentzug gewöhnen. Nach der Kur habe ich mich viel besser gefühlt und tatsächlich habe ich absolut gar kein Bedürfnis mehr, Süßigkeiten zu essen. Für mich ein super Ergebnis. Bin gerade dabei, nochmal die 3-Tage Kur zu machen. Einfach klasse!

Beate K.
Germany Germany
Great juices

Ich war positiv vom Geschmack überrascht. Alle Säfte & Shots haben mir sehr gut geschmeckt. Ich habe teilweise den 2Std Rhythmus nicht einhalten können/ beruflich bedingt, bin aber trotzdem klar gekommen, zwischendurch war ich sogar joggen ....hat alles super geklappt...kann ich nur weiter empfehlen

Wiebke W.
Germany Germany

Die 7 Tage Saftkur war super :)

Virginia L.
Germany Germany
Top Säfte

Mir hat die Saftkur super getaugt! Die Säfte waren wirklich mega und sobald ein wenig Hunger Gefühl kam, gab es schon wieder Saft. Alle zwei Stunden trinken war wirklich gut

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