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Tasting Package - All Juices & Shots

236 Reviews
Tasting Package - All Juices & Shots

Tasting Package - All Juices & Shots

236 Reviews
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You would like to have everything once? Our 18 juices in original size!

With the tasting package, you can try your way through all our fresh and delicious juices and shots to your heart's content. So you get an intensive insight and can decide afterwards for your favorites.

The tasting package contains:

1x 250ml Orange, 1x 250ml Grapefruit, 1x 750ml Apple,1x 250ml - Green Feelings, 1x 250ml - Green Love, 1x 250ml - Gold Rush, 1x 250ml - Keep Calm, 1x 250ml - Red Rocket, 1x 250ml - Red Grenade, 1x 250ml - Hello Awake, 1x Ginger Storm, 1x Ginger Pinch, 1x Turmeric Power, 1x Green Energy, 1x Red Power, 1x Golden Milk, 1x Iron Shot and 1x Sunshine Berry.

Fresh juices with function.
We take the hassle out of regularly pressing fresh juice with function for you and your loved ones.

Up to 6 weeks like freshly squeezed.
Thanks to our special preservation process, which does not require heat, the juice remains fresh.

Own production in Southern Germany.
We are 2 Swabian engineers who have set ourselves a goal: To produce the best juice in the world.

Bottles made from 100% recycled material.
Sustainability is at the core of our brand. You can see that in our packaging.

Functional Shots.

Ginger storm

Ingredients: Apple, Ginger, Lime, Cayenne

A natural booster for your body that combines all the health and nutritional benefits of ginger. Combined with the freshest Spanish limes, refreshing Bodensee apple and a pinch of stimulating cayenne pepper makes this shot our absolute top seller.

Turmeric Power

Ingredients: Orange, Ginger, Turmeric, Lemon

The perfect shot for the cold season. Due to the ingredients of the roots ginger and turmeric and the high amount of vitamin C from lemons and oranges, this is the perfect companion through your everyday life.

Ginger pinch

Ingredients: Apple, grapefruit, ginger, lime

The mild ginger shot among our fresh boosters, but still provides a boost! Compared to our spicy ginger storm shot, the ginger pinch contains only half of ginger and therefore drinkable for everyone.

Sunshine Berry

Ingredients: Cranberry, Raspberry, Blackberry, Ginger, Apple

The new member of the booster family attracts with a harmonious interplay of fruity sweetness and pleasant spiciness. The antibiotic cranberry contains important plant substances, minerals and vitamins, which is why it has a particularly beneficial effect on the bladder and intestinal flora. Together with the miracle root ginger, this little power package provides the necessary boost for the cold season.

Red power

Ingredients: Apple, pomegranate, beetroot, lemongrass

Developed for the well-being of your body, the shot with the effective ingredients of pomegranate and lemongrass provides the perfect complement to your healthy diet. Freshly pressed beetroot and our Bodensee apple round off this mild shot perfectly.


Green energy

Ingredients: Apple, lemon, cucumber, kale, ginger, matcha

Want to fill up on healthy energy really quickly? Our green shot with apple, lemon, ginger, cucumber and kale give you green energy to every cell: The fruity taste based on kale not only tastes super fresh, it also reaches every fiber of your body with a pinch of spiciness.

Golden milk

Fresh mix for golden milk
Ingredients: Water, rice drink, turmeric, lime, agave syrup, ginger.

The perfect drink for the cold season as a daily portion. Golden milk is not only known for its delicious taste, but also for its healthy effects. It has been used in Ayurvedic medicine for centuries as a versatile remedy. In addition to rice drink, our Golden Milk contains, for example, ginger and turmeric.


Iron Shot

Covers 100% of your daily requirement of vitamin D.

Ingredients: Ingredients: Pineapple juice, mango, orange, acerola, curry leaf extract

We have developed in cooperation with our nutrition expert Dr. Ulrike Fischer a functional iron shot which is vegan, fresh and 100% natural. We would like to give you the opportunity to secure your iron balance in a natural way.

Fresh Wellness Juices.

Green love

Ingredients: Apple, Cucumber, Spinach, Kale, Lime, Ginger

For all those who love green vegetables, Green Love is just right: The high proportion of green vegetables combined with the natural sweetness of apple provide a tart green taste, extra energy for body and soul.

Red garnet - Pomegranate

100% Cold Pressed Pomegranate.

Superfood Red Pomegranate, our premium pomegranate juice. 100% natural pomegranate contains many antioxidants and tastes simply special, the natural sweetness helps you to more energy.

An energy supplier that packs a punch.

Gold intoxication

Ingredients: Orange, pineapple, carrot, ginger, turmeric, lime

An exciting new multi-juice made from exotic fruits, light spiciness from ginger and the superfoods pineapple, turmeric, lime and carrot. Just the thing for everyone who loves fruit juices. And want to do something good for themselves!

Contains vitamin A, vitamin C & potassium.

Red rocket

Ingredients: Apple, orange, beetroot, cucumber, carrot

For all fans of the local fruit, because Rote Rakete provides you with the best of the cold-pressed red tuber, field vegetables and fruit: a uniquely fresh taste.

Contains vitamin K.

Green feelings

Ingredients: Apple, Spinach, Kale, Lemon, Moringa Root

Green feelings awaken the whole body to every cell: The mix of fruit on a kale-spinach basis provide a fresh, fruity taste with a slight green note. Especially for beginners of green juices the ideal introduction.

Contains vitamin A & vitamin K.

Hello guard

Ingredients: Orange, guarana, ginger, turmeric

Hallo Wach is the perfect, natural wake-up call. We mix guarana with our fresh cold-pressed orange juice. The combination awakens your spirits: Hallo Wach with natural caffeine is an absolute hit in the morning. Exactly 0.75g of guarana is added to each juice. This means that it contains a whopping 30 mg/100 ml.
Increased caffeine content. Not recommended for children and pregnant or breastfeeding women.

A natural source of vitamin C.

Keep Calm

Ingredients: Pineapple, apple, filtered water, ashwagandha, acerola, pitaya, spirulina.

Light, exotic & mega fruity - Our purple Wellness Juice Keep Calm is a unique mix of crazy ingredients yet simple fruits that make for a distinctive taste experience.

Contains Vitamin C & Ashwaghanda.

Fresh breakfast juices.

Fresh orange juice

Ingredients: 100% orange juice

The freshly pressed breakfast hero provides you with everything you need for a perfect start to the day. Fresh taste and lots of vitamins guaranteed.

Fresh grapefruit juice

100% grapefruit juice

The cross between orange and grapefruit promises you a tangy taste in the morning. You can literally feel how the vitamins do you good.

Fresh apple juice

100% apple juice from apples from Lake Constance

The unique climate at Lake Constance ensures the full taste of the apples. Pour and enjoy a piece of holiday in the bottle.

Juice manufacture in southern Germany

We have everything in our own hands.

We are Simon & Benedikt, the founders of LiveFresh. Born in a student flat-sharing community in 2016, we have built up an innovative juice factory within a short period of time, where we do everything we can every day to produce the best juice in the world from the highest quality raw materials.Since the founding of our juice shop, we have followed the philosophy of keeping the entire value chain in our own hands. From direct contact with the best fruit and vegetable farmers to the production of our fresh juices, we have built up a broad expertise in a short time.

What makes us special?

The. Manufacture. We are different.

Conventional juices on the market are mostly pasteurized and thus lose their important vitamins & flavor already before bottling. Unlike conventional juices, our juice is cold pressed, i.e. not exposed to harmful heat at any time (pasteurized), so that many important nutrients and vitamins are preserved. Our juice is bottled cold directly after pressing and therefore never comes into contact with heat.

Innovative Durable.

That's what makes us so special.

The unique freshness and quality is obtained through the innovative high pressure process HPP. This means that our freshly pressed juice retains its full flavour and important vitamins without having to pasteurise the juice under heat. This allows us to offer you a truly fresh, cold-pressed juice in the juice box of the highest quality.

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Great product

Sehr schmackhafter Saft

Karin E.
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Große Klasse

Einfach toll geschmeckt, super Qualität. Macht weiter so.

Regina G.
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Tolle Säfte auf Naturbasis

Die Säfte schmecken sehr lecker auser der Ingwer der ist sehr Gewöhnung bedürftig.

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Ich habe die Sellerie Säfte für 2 Wochen bestellt. Ich esse Selleriestangen hin und wieder, aber purer Saft bis dahin nicht. Ich muss sagen, die ersten 3 Tagen waren echt schwer, vor allem auf nüchternen Magen...aber es lohnt sich! Ab dem 4. Tag war es besser und nach den 2 Wochen, war ich traurig, dass alle Flaschen leer waren.#definitv bestelle ich wieder!

Cornelia L.
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Alle Säfte

Super lecker schmecken total frisch

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