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Full Juice Cleanse - 3 days

58 Reviews
Full Juice Cleanse - 3 days

Full Juice Cleanse - 3 days

58 Reviews
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Your package contains:

3x Hello Awake, 1x Red Rocket, 1x Red Grenade, 1x Green Feelings, 2x Gold Rush, 1x Green Love, 1x Ginger Pinch, 1x Cranberry Booster, 1x Ginger Storm

  • Lemons (for your morning lemon-salt-water)
  • Vegan Organic Rice Protein Powder (300g)
  • Vegan linseed oil (250 ml)
  • Shaker
  • Dosing spoon

Organic rice protein according to

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In a full Juice Cleanse are drunk 3x daily over 3 days shakes from juice, vegetable organic protein powder and high-quality linseed oil. The interaction of the vitamin-rich juices with high-quality oils and organic protein powder improves the absorption of vitamins and saturates the body.

What's new about our Juice Cleanse 2.0?

The micronutrients contained in the juices as well as healthy proteins & fats ensure that cravings do not occur. Calorie amounts are secondary, but what counts is the optimal supply of the body. With this you lay the foundation for your new body feeling. The Juice Cleanse is ideal for designing your own diet in a healthy and long-term way.

The difference from the normal Juice Cleanse:

Vegetable proteins & oil as additive

We supplement the juices with oil and organic vegetable protein powder, because oils improve the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins and are also significantly involved in the construction of cells and hormones. Proteins, on the other hand, are involved in building muscles, bones, skin, connective tissue, hair and nails, as well as in the regulation of nerve and muscle function.

Longer fresh through HPP.

The main difference with conventional juice is the method of preservation. Conventional juices are 99% pasteurized by heat, which destroys all harmful germs and bacteria. However, the high temperature also destroys most of the vitamins and nutrients in the juice, as well as the fresh taste of the juice is also lost. Our juice is preserved for several weeks by the high pressure process HPP without exposing the juice to heat.

No cravings, but all the nutrients.

By the interaction of the vitamin-rich juices with high-quality oils and bio protein powder on the one hand the absorption of the vitamins is improved and on the other hand the body is saturated by the optimal supply and the musculature remains, so that also after the Juice Cleanse craving is avoided and you can concentrate completely on your healthy nourishing change.

Innovative Durable.

That's what makes us so special.

The unique freshness and quality is obtained through the innovative high pressure process HPP. This means that our freshly pressed juice retains its full flavour and important vitamins without having to pasteurise the juice under heat. This allows us to offer you a truly fresh, cold-pressed juice in the juice box of the highest quality.

Packaging made from 100% rPET

Made from 100% old PET bottles.

Our new rPET bottles have already had a long life. They are made from recycled PET bottles, which helps reduce waste production. You can take care of them in the yellow bag without worrying. They find their way back to us as a new bottle.

Our rPET bottles have a slightly greyish tint due to the different materials used, which are reused. Of course, this has no influence on the freshness & taste of our juices!

Juice manufacture in southern Germany

We have everything in our own hands.

We are Simon & Benedikt, the founders of LiveFresh. Born in a student flat-sharing community in 2016, we have built up an innovative juice factory within a short period of time, where we do everything we can every day to produce the best juice in the world from the highest quality raw materials.Since the founding of our juice shop, we have followed the philosophy of keeping the entire value chain in our own hands. From direct contact with the best fruit and vegetable farmers to the production of our fresh juices, we have built up a broad expertise in a short time.
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Germany Germany
Ina v.

Top Service!

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Germany Germany
Stefanie N.


I've been wanting to try Juice Cleanse for a while, but I've always had doubts about whether I'd be able to "get through it"... in my opinion, the full-value Juice Cleanse including protein powder is ideal for a start! It takes a little getting used to at the beginning because of the powdery consistency, but it still tastes good! In this respect, I can only recommend it!
Germany Germany
Christiane L.


Delivered top chilled, very tasty juices
Germany Germany
Rebecca M.

Great quality juices

I was a little sceptical at first because I thought the price was relatively high. But I have to say it was definitely worth it. The quality of the juices is great and very nutritious. I survived the 3 days perfectly and will do such a Cleanse again.
Germany Germany
Anja R.

Full Juice Cleanse 3 days, just great!


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